What does the Pacific Advocate stand for?

People across the Pacific regions of Polynesia, Micronesia, and Melanesia now have access to a new online news and information portal – the Pacific Advocate.

In its first editorial on this website, the publication’s editorial team called the Pacific region “one of the world’s most significant, yet undervalued geopolitical regions”, and said threats to the region included climate change, domestic violence and the rising influence of China.

“Yet despite the challenges,” the piece continued, “the Pacific region is populated by passionate and beautiful people who – as the name suggests – are peaceful, and understand the power of family and faith and the meaning of integrity and character.”

It stated the publication’s aim was to “enlighten, educate and entertain….and to shine a spotlight on the Pacific region so the world is more aware of its importance,” while pointing out that all of its journalists were based in Pacific island nations.

“Unlike some other regional news outlets, we look through local eyes…. because the only way to truly understand our culture, needs and issues is to be a Pacific Islander.”

The editorial also emphasised its commitment to the growth of Pacific journalism and the advancement of media within Pacific Island nations, and in a nod to established media outlets across the region said, “most countries have excellent national media outlets that cover internal news in their nation…..we greatly value and want to promote these, and this website will link local readers to local publications.”

With the slogan “We’re Pacific Specific”, the Pacific Advocate will advocate for:

– The success of Pacific nations.
– The advancement of the Pacific peoples.
– The protection and sustainability of the Pacific region.
– The integrity of Pacific governments.

The four key principles of the Pacific Advocate are as follows:

1. We will inform without fear or favour.
2. We will always be balanced and present all sides of an issue where possible and appropriate.
3. We will be an unwavering advocate for the Pacific island nations, promoting the region to the world.
4. We will promote the principles that underpin a democratic and just society – including freedom of the press; freedom of speech, belief and religion; free and fair elections; and justice and the rule of law.

Editorial contributions, opinion, photos and videos: news@pacificadvocate.com

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  1. Merica 11 months ago

    I want to be updated of every pacific news.

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