Watch out Kiribati – the Aliens are coming

UFO on Starbuck Island in Kiribati. Photo: Google Earth

A Reddit user says he has spotted a mysterious object in the Pacific which he believes to be a crashed unidentified flying object (UFO).

The object was spotted on Google Earth.

The Reddit user, dansterdj, said the object was followed by a trail of sand on Starbuck Island in Kiribati.

The Redditor explained his theory to the 1.6 million members in the popular Reddit forum “conspiracy” in his post captioned “Crashed UFO on Starbuck Island”.

“Visible on Google Earth showing a massive trail behind the object indicating high velocity and great amount of energy to go that far,” he wrote.

His post sparked a lot of comments on the site with fellow conspiracy theorists speculating on how the object ended up there.

“Doesn’t look as much like an impact as it does like it was rolled or dragged there,” one user commented.

Another wrote: “Idk [I don’t know] what this or if it’s a UFO. But it’s cool as f**k.”

“Upvoting for something that doesn’t have to do with Covid or politics,” another said.

The debate arose after the user provided the co-ordinates to the island.

UFO on Starbuck Island in Kiribati. Photo: Google Earth

The island is in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and is cut off from the influence of human life after Kiribati officials designated it as a wildlife sanctuary.

This information prompted others to theorise that the object might have belonged to a shipwreck with the long sand lines indicating where it had been dragged by people.

The latest UFO-based picture debate comes just a few months after a popular YouTuber claimed to have spotted a similarly suspicious triangle-shaped object on Google Earth.

  1. Taaiteiti Areke 9 months ago

    Thank for letting us know about A UFO are Clashed or are Coming to our Island. So are we going to dye or…
    again thank you. God bless our People of Kiribati.

    • Tauatea Hugill 9 months ago

      Aliens???…seriously??? 😄😆🤣 that hilarious. Has it happened or just a joke?? If it hasn’t, well good joke 😆🤣😂

  2. Tekamauna Tebinaa 9 months ago

    Well, may be it’s the Redditor’s nightmare 🤨

  3. Andrew Naigulevu 9 months ago

    I’m pretty sure Daniken would be most interested in this… He did of course write about an alien tomb located somewhere there

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