USP professors hailed as world’s best

Updated 6 January

New discoveries and producing innovation inside the University of South Pacific have placed four of its academics this year among the world’s most influential scientists.

The Stanford University list has identified professors Maurizio Cirrincione, Ahmed Rafiuddin, Stephen Pratt, and Dr Brad Carte in the top two per cent in the field.

The standing is based on their citations and publication of the public library of science journals.

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The inclusion on the exclusive list signals their notable achievements in science in their respective areas over the years and is the result of the researchers’ efforts to advance knowledge in the Pacific.

Prof Maurizio and Dr Carte were also given special praise from an assessment of the impact of their career-long research.

A spokeswoman for the University of the South Pacific said the Stanford honour is a remarkable feat for the Fiji-based varsity.

“The university is proud of its professors’ accomplishments, helping establish USP as a reputable university around the world,” she said.

“Meaningful research enables students to think critically and make unknown discoveries and stimulating innovation.
“This is what makes a great academic and our students and Pacific people are very fortunate to have brilliant lecturers and professors guiding them.”

USP professors hailed as world’s best
Dr Brad Carte, Professors Ahmed Rafiuddin, Maurizio Cirrincione and Stephen Pratt. Picture: University of South Pacific

Prof Maurizio’s research involved the study of electrical systems and their control, with particular attention to electrical drives and power electronics converters for micro grids, while also on artificial intelligence, specifically shallow and deep neural networks.

Dr Carte’s work focused on chemical ecology and discovery, and development of pharmaceuticals from natural products, with a major focus on marine natural products, extending to early research and policy development to ensure equitable access benefit sharing agreements with source nations.

Prof Pratt’s research explored sustainable tourism development, specifically the economic impacts of tourism and environmental impacts, and how tourism affects host destinations’ society, culture, and how culture impacts tourism.

Prof Ahmed’s study has been on renewable energy, focusing on major sources of renewable energy with wind, solar, wave, tidal currents and biofuels, including resource assessments, turbine design, new energy design and performance testing, harvesting devices, modelling and forecasting.

The University’s spokeswoman said, “our recognition for innovation, research, excellence, and commercial awareness has helped shape the futures of the region’s researchers and innovators by producing cutting-edge research.

“We emphasise collaboration and teamwork in order to accomplish greatness and help others achieve greatness, and it is because of these ideals that we have received acclaim.”


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