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This couple’s dance is winning hearts

A rendition of a traditional Hawaiian dance by a couple for their one year old son has amassed more than 10 million hits.

The hits just keep on coming, and the video has been described as beautiful.

Philip Mauigoa and his fiancé Malia Belleza dance gracefully to a Hawaiian song that featured in the hit Disney animated feature Lilo and Stitch which was released in 2002.

The couple are professional entertainers and have won hearts the world over.

It is reminiscent of traditions of the past when stories are passed on through song and dance.

@chieflaiunientertainment Replying to @whereisdomi Many of you guys asked for the full version. Here it is! #fyp #polynesian #polynesiantiktok #hula ♬ original sound – Philip Mauigoa

“We are grateful and thankful for everyone’s kinds words and support! From our little Ohana/Aiga to yours god bless you all,” said Mr Mauigoa.

Maria Cubero posted on TikTok: “ absolutely beautiful, but can we take a moment and appreciate the look of admiration the male dancer gave to the female dancer.”

Another post said: “I love this culture. I’m and raised in Alaska. the language and dance style is just a smidge different from Yupik eskimo language and dance.”

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Hula dancing has been part of Hawaiian culture since ancient times. Hawaiians believe the hula was a gift from the gods to humans.

The dance form is practiced in almost all Polynesian countries where each notion and sway tells a story of the Gods, love and family.

In the Cook Islands and Tahiti, dance competitions are held each year as a national event. It is called Te Maeva Nui in the Cook Islands and Heiva i Tahiti in the French colony.

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