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These men represent women – seriously?

Papua New Guinea’s prime minister James Marape wants Papua New Guineans to think differently from the Western concept of gender equality.

Mr Marape said it didn’t matter that no women were in cabinet while at the same time appointing ministers to the unusual portfolios of coffee and oil palms.

Only two women have made it into the parliament of 111 seats. The previous election in 2017 saw no women elected. The government being led by Mr Marape is made up of a coalition of 17 different parties.

The newly sworn in cabinet of Papua New Guinea. Picture: Office of the Governor Hela Province

Mr Marape said at the swearing in of new cabinet ministers that the men in parliament represented women voters. He said in that regard there is representation of women in parliament and in cabinet.

“I acknowledge that we have instances of abuse but PNG has always given great prominence to our women,” he said.

“Speaking on behalf of the ministers here, we represent all our women so let’s not make gender an issue all the time.

“We will step up and carry up women. All of us have wives, sisters and daughters.”

Mr Marape has also named two new portfolios in his cabinet.

PNG Parliament House. Picture: Parliament of PNG

James Maneke is the Minister of Oil Palms and Joe Kuli as the Minister for Coffee. John Rosso will continue to be Deputy Prime Minister, a role he took after the death of Sam Basil before the election campaign.

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Mr Marape has appointed Ian Ling Stuckey as Treasurer and William Duma has retained the Ministry of State Owned Enterprises.

Also retained in cabinet is Justin Tkatchenko as the Foreign Minister, Richard Maru returns as the Minister of International Trade and Investment and Don Polye returns after a five year exodus as the Minister for Higher Education, Research, Science and Sport.

Jelta Wong is the new Minister for Fisheries and Marine Resources.

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  1. Michael Francis 3 months ago

    THE PNG PARLIMENT continues Election after Election to be totally UNWORKABLE or FIT for PURPOSE!
    This is because there are always far To many Small or Individual Parties, each with their OWN VESTED INTEREST’S and this keeps PNG in a Deep & Continuous fight with itself and remains unable to Govern correctly with accountability & Transparency ,even in the Best of Times for the Majority of the PNG people, their needs & Ambition’s in the first instance.
    Equality across the Political Male/Female divide has to be a Priority for every New Government as the Freemale Gender in PHG is in fact the BACK BONE of the NATION and will always be!
    PNG Politician’s must embrace Gender diversity Quickly, if not NOW, to stabilize the Future Direction of PNG by being totally Inclusive of all the people, across the Wonderful Nation of PNG!!

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