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Why does this region need a new online publication?

The Pacific is one of the world’s most significant, yet undervalued geopolitical regions. During World War Two it was a key battleground, and today it is again the focus of many different threats.

We are fighting a war against climate change and rising sea levels, the rate of domestic violence against women is one of the world’s highest, there is a constant quest to merge modern ideals with traditional culture, and we are evaluating the impact to regional security brought about by the increasing influence of China.

These are just some of the factors that make this area not just fascinating but strategically important to the world.

It’s also a region that has seen much political instability and corruption that has at times resulted in the undermining of democratic principles, the rule of law, and economic stability.

Yet despite the challenges, the Pacific region is populated by passionate and beautiful people who – as the name suggests – are peaceful, and understand the power of family and faith and the meaning of integrity and character.

It is a region of great contrast. While many have studied in the world’s greatest universities, others have never seen a modern school. Many live in thriving cities while thousands still reside in tiny remote villages inaccessible by road. Some have reached the heights of world leaders, judges and scientists, while others still work in traditional subsistence industries.

We believe the world needs to know more about this amazing and diverse region. We believe those living in island nations dotted across the world’s largest and deepest ocean need information and news about their region.

This is why the Pacific Advocate has been born. We seek to be the region’s most comprehensive source of news, opinion and information. We strive to be the place where people from across the Pacific, Australia, New Zealand and other countries come to read, view and listen to what is happening here.

Our difference? Unlike some other regional news outlets, we look through local eyes. All of our journalists are based in Pacific island nations.

Why is this important? Because the only way to truly understand our culture, needs and issues is to be a Pacific Islander. We know more than anyone else that it’s time to face up to the challenges and ensure our governments do whatever it takes to find solutions. It’s also important to celebrate our achievements, peoples, cultures and local identities.

The Pacific Advocate is committed to the growth of Pacific journalism and the advancement of media within Pacific Island nations. Most countries have excellent national media outlets that cover internal news in their nation. We greatly value and want to promote these, and this website will link local readers to local publications.

Our team of journalists from across many nations will bring you news with a regional emphasis. We will feature and prioritise stories that affect large parts of the Pacific, and we will inform readers of significant events, decisions and developments.

Our aim is to enlighten, educate and entertain you, and to shine a spotlight on the Pacific region so the world is more aware of its importance.

Please make this website your favourite, read the stories throughout the day and night, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

  1. Fe'iloakitau 11 months ago

    Just curious where this exciting news platform coming from and who are the minds behind this initiative. This is much needed and indepth investigative journalism is much needed in the region.

  2. Roalakona Borroau 11 months ago

    Well documented

  3. Fred Bogi Taito 11 months ago

    Thanks for this great initiative and I give my full support. God bless our Pacific.

  4. PNG Facts 11 months ago

    This is awesome guys! Yes. This region needs news portal

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