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Taiwan heads towards space

The National Space Organization in the northern city of Hsinchu will be upgraded to an independent agency under an act passed April 19 by the Legislature. (MOFA)

A bill to upgrade Hsinchu City-based National Space Organization in northern Taiwan passed the final reading on April 19 at the Legislative Yuan, marking a milestone in government efforts to develop space-related industries.

Under the statute the NSPO will be upgraded to an agency directly under the auspices of the Ministry of Science and Technology. Established in 1991, the agency is currently operating as part of the National Applied Research Laboratory overseen by the MOST.

This upgraded status will allow the NSPO to better coordinate resources from academia, as well as the public and private sectors when it comes to conducting space missions, fostering top-notch personnel and promoting cutting-edge technologies, the MOST said.

According to the MOST, the latest development follows the Space Development Act promulgated in January this year.

In a post on her official Facebook account, President Tsai Ing-wen said she expects the legislation to greatly enhance Taiwan’s R&D capabilities at a time when countries around the world are racing to develop next-generation space technologies.

Tens of thousands of low-orbit satellites are set to be launched in the following decade, Tsai said, adding that this will create tremendous demand for satellite buses, necessary ground facilities and other equipment.

Given Taiwan’s advantages in semiconductor and precision manufacturing, the president expects the development to help secure the country a key position in the global space industry supply chain. (SFC-E)

This article first appeared in Taiwan Today and was used with permission.

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