Sporting Administrator looks to the future

A Pacific sports icon plans to call it a day in 2025 when his term with the Oceania National Olympic Committee (ONOC) ends.

Dr Robin Mitchell has been the longest-serving member on the board of the International Olympics Committee (IOC) and the longest serving president of ONOC.

“Yeah I doubt it (that I will continue), time to look at the sunset when it happens,” he told the Pacific Advocate in an exclusive interview.

Fiji’s Former President Jioji Konrote awards Dr Robin Mitchell the 50th independence anniversary medal. Picture: ONOC

“But I am still doing other things that are linked to ONOC, so most likely I’m going to see how that goes because I have other jobs linked with ONOC but might be in a different role. No time to stand still otherwise you will get old.”

Respected and renowned in the Pacific, Dr. Mitchell is the first and only Pacific Islander to be a member of the IOC. He has been a member for 28 years and was also the first Pacific Islander to become the president back in 2009.

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Dr. Mitchell held many sports administration positions in the past, beginning as a physician for the Fiji team from 1984 – 1992, and served as Chairman for the Fiji Association of Sports and National Olympics Committee Medical Commission in 1985.

Oceania National Olympics Committee President Dr Robin Mitchell plans to call it a day in 2025 when his term with the Oceania National Olympic Committee ends. Picture: ONOC Media

From 1985 – 1993, he was a member of the ONOC Medical Commission, and was also a founding board member of the World Anti-Doping Agency.

Apart from being a distinguished regional sports administrator Dr. Mitchell also represented Fiji in hockey and athletics. In addition, he has been the president of Fiji Hockey since 2005.

According to a statement written by Athletics Fiji, “he has had an illustrious career as a sportsman, a coach, a doctor and a sports administrator, which has seen him reach unprecedented heights for a Pacific Islander.”

The former President of Fiji Jioji Konrote hands over an award to ONOC President Dr. Robin Mitchell. Picture: ONOC Media

Listed below are his achievements with the IOC.

– IOC Congress from 2006 -2009
– IOC Ethics from 2013 -2018
– IOC Coordination for the Games of the XXXII Olympiad Tokyo 2020, from 2013 – 2021
– Vice Chair of the IOC Medical Commission from 2014 -2015
– IOC Nominations from (2014 – 2015)
– IOC Members’ Election in 2015
– Member of the IOC Executive Board in 2017
– Chair of the IOC Olympic Solidarity Commission in 2018
– IOC Co-ordination for the Games of the XXVII Olympiad Sydney 2000 (1999 – 2000)
– IOC Women in Sports from 2020 to date.

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