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Solomon’s opposition slams govt secrecy

Solomon Islands opposition Leader Matthew Wale. Picture: Twitter

Solomon Islands opposition Leader Matthew Wale has called for transparency and on the government to keep its promise to make the deal with China public knowledge.

Mr Wale has told media in the Solomon Islands that it was unfortunate that the security pact with China was shrouded in secrecy.

“It is not in the best interest of our people and this country. How is this in our best interest when everything is done in secrecy even up to its signing a few days ago? How is it in our best interest when there was no due consultation and everyone was kept in the dark until it was leaked?” Mr Wale is stated as saying in the Solomon Star.

“Matters of security should be transparent and not secret. While it is in the purview of the Executive branch of government to do on behalf of the nation, such official signing of important matters should never be made secret but open to media and other stakeholders for the sake of transparency.”

Mr Wale said the deal had regional implications.

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