Pacific Mini Games on track

The Pacific Games Council (PGC) have shown the thumbs up for the preparatory work done in Saipan, Northern Marianas, as the nation gets ready to host the 2022 Pacific Mini Games.

Pacific Games Council president Vidhya Lakhan and chief executive officer Andrew Minogue conducted a final inspection of the venues and approved preparations.

The PGC delegation met with the competition managers and venue managers for the nine sports that will be part of the Mini Games.

The delegation was assured that all renovations were expected to finish in May.

Visits were also made to the Athletes’ Village which will be the Grandvrio Resort and PIC hotels, as well as the media and games results centre.

Lakhan said he was confident that the Northern Marianas would host a successful Mini Games.

“I am pleased with the state of preparations for the 11th Pacific Mini Games,” said the PGC President in a statement.

Saipan, Northern Marianas is preparing to host the 2022 Pacific Mini Games. Picture: Wikimedia Commons

“All the stakeholders are working well together to deliver the venues and operational plans.

“While work remains to be done to complete the preparations, including on the visa entry process for several countries, the PGC now expects the Northern Mariana Islands will be ready to host a successful Pacific Mini Games in June.

One of the indoor games venues for the Mini Games. Picture: Facebook

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“On behalf of the PGC, I sincerely thank Governor Torres and his administration for the outstanding support they are providing to NMSA and NMPMG 2022 to be able to successfully host the 11th Pacific Mini Games despite the trials of the COVID-19 pandemic and the super typhoons which set back preparations in 2018 and 2019.

“I now urge our 24 Pacific Games Association members across the Pacific to do their utmost to send their largest possible delegations of athletes in a show of support and solidarity to our hosts in the Northern Mariana Islands and their populations across Saipan, Rota and Tinian,” he said.

The Northern Mariana Islands 2022 Pacific Mini Games are scheduled to take place from 17 to 25 June.

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