Pacific Games host down to two nations

The host of the 2027 Pacific Games has come down to either Vanuatu or Tahiti.

The Pacific Games council is set to announce the next host at the general assembly next month.

Both nations have held off a shortlist of 2019 interested bidders from American Samoa, Guam, Fiji and Tonga.

It comes after Tonga had secured the 2019 Games but pulled out two years earlier after initially citing financial concerns.

Vanuatu is aiming to be awarded the quadrennial multi-sporting event for the first time after Solomon Islands will in 2023.

Tahiti, as part of French Polynesia, has hosted the event twice in 1971 and 1999.

It only regained its Pacific Games status in 2018 after a competition suspension was lifted.

It was deemed the French Polynesian government had interfered in the autonomy and independence of sporting associations.

A letter to the Tahiti Nui Pacific Games Association recognising its independence helped lift the suspension.

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