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Nauru’s India connection

India and Nauru are on opposite ends of scale in most ways.

The second most populous nation in the world compared to the second least is the most obvious.

The third most Covid-19 deaths and second most cases to one of the few nations – most of which are in the Pacific – that have been unaffected by the pandemic.

But in the case administering doses of vaccinations, they are closer than most of the 191 sovereign states after Nauru  president Lionel Aingimea remarked on sharing a special bond together.

Nauru was one of the first nations to vaccinate its entire country of 7,000 adults, and was certainly the quickest to do so inside one month.

It may have taken 278 days, but India reached a whopping one billion vaccinations on Thursday.

“The government of India has been there for Nauru since the start of the pandemic with a donation of 10,000 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine in April 2020, as well as supply of PPE and $US1 million to Nauru through the United Nations Development Program and World Health Organisation, which is funding a lot of equipment and technical assistance,” Mr Aingimea said.

“India has always been generous and willing to share their vaccines with the rest of the world and Nauru is privileged to have received this kind assistance.”

Nauru President India
Nauru president Lionel Aingimea meets the Indian ambassador to Nauru, Ms Padmaja. Picture: Twitter, courtesy of High Commission of India
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  1. Semi Meo 7 months ago

    ” Nauru’s India connection”…could say that again, Recall, many moons ago Indian expatriates used to rule Nauru..well, not really but Executive positions like PS to President and other Cabinet admin posts, Chief Magistrate etc…oh…and a bit of phosphate investment gone wrong etc….Still,” Nauru’s India connection” looks solid!

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