Nauru USP students step up

THE University of South Pacific Nauru campus held its first student forum earlier this week to discuss issues on student consultation, courses and tutors, and to make action plans that included establishing a student body.

USPSA President in Nauru George Joram Overall said it was a successful event and he was pleased that 30 to 40 students participated in the discussion.

Joram said of particular interest was the subject of student consultation, along with offering courses on a cohort basis.

“Sometimes small campuses like Nauru miss out on courses because we cannot meet the minimum student numbers,” Joram said.

“Essentially, a particular course might be offered by USP which Nauru Campus then advertises. However, because we cannot generate the minimum number for that course, we miss out.”

“Another issue was that we have no access to tutors or facilitators to carry the course on face-to-face basis.”

Joram said that led to delayed turnaround of assessment feedback and final results leaving some students uncertain and dissatisfied

The students suggested the development of terms of reference for a possible think tank to address challenges and issues experienced by University students studying in Nauru, and said the USPSA executive was in the process of creating this.

“From this, we plan on creating an action plan that will be communicated to all relevant stakeholders, including the USPSA Federal body in Laucala Fiji and government stakeholders like the education ministry in Nauru,” he said.

Joram thanked USPSA members Vice-President Josie-Ann Dongobir and Treasurer Richard Lewis who helped made the event successful.

“Collectively, we will continue to stay committed to our roles as members and advocate for our peers who are studying at USP Nauru.”


1st Student Forum on Monday, 21st June 2021. What a great turnout from our USP students! They were put into small groups to discuss and present on the challenges they’ve faced at USP as well as providing solutions.

Photo Credit: https://www.facebook.com/uspsafederal


Great minds and ideas from the participants.  A round of applause to them for making it a successful event.

Nauru USP students step up
Photo Credit: https://www.facebook.com/uspsafederal

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