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Baby joy amid COVID crisis

The Republic of Marshall Islands Health Services has managed to safely deliver four healthy babies to COVID-19 positive mothers during their country’s current health disaster.

The Marshall Islands Ministry of Health and Human Services Secretary Jack Niedenthal said in a statement that they had been successful in developing a system for delivering babies where mothers were infected.

He said mobile health services officials have begun reaching out to people who can’t move from their homes. Mr Niedenthal said they had an astounding positivity rate of 98 per cent in their testing sites.

Students of Majuro Cooperative School before the pandemic outbreak. Picture: People on Marshall Islands Facebook

As a result, health services officials have converted the medical containers donated by Taiwan to be used as a satellite pharmacy near the Majuro hospital. Marshall Islands President David Kabua proclaimed a state of “Health Disaster.”

Republic of Marshall Islands Red Cross volunteers joining in the fight against Covid. Picture: Republic of Marshall Islands Health and Human Services Facebook

According to the Ministry of Health and Human Services over 500 new cases have been discovered over the weekend on Majuro alone.

This brings the total of infections on Majuro to 2,000 which is 10 per cent of the 20,000 population living there.

It has been revealed the positive cases sky-rocketed within five days of testing, from just a handful on August 8 to 1,064 people testing positive on August 13. Two lives were lost to COVID in the first week.

Marshall Islands health workers receiving food donations. Picture: RMI Ministry of Health and Human Services Facebook

The Ministry of Health and Human Services has also confirmed that 213 of their medical workers also tested positive for COVID, many of them doctors.

COVID-hit FSM opens
Marshalls prepare for COVID

The Taiwanese Embassy donated 5,500 protective gowns, 7,000 masks, 2,500 soap bars, and hygiene products over the weekend.

Local companies have also contributed in whatever ways they could, donating food and fruit to health workers as the Pacific Island country braces itself for its worst ever COVID infection to date.

Local-based humanitarian personnel from the Red Cross have also volunteered to aid the Marshall Islands health workers in their various centres.

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