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Discarded Fijian athlete wins gold for Australia

Eileen Cikamatana has become the first female in Commonwealth Games history to break the Games record for two different countries.

She broke the Games record in the 87kg division, in the snatch of 110kg, and for the clean-and-jerk lift of 137kg at the 2022 Birmingham Commonwealth Games, on Wednesday morning.

Cikamatana also won gold for Fiji in the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games but was later suspended by Weightlifting Fiji for disagreeing with the appointment of national coach, Iranian Hossein Tavakoli.

She lost her International Olympics Committee Scholarship too during that stand-off and was labeled by Fiji’s local media outlets as the “biggest loser in that standoff”.

Her suspension letter reads, “Weightlifting Fiji is suspending you from all Weightlifting Fiji’s activities effective June 10, 2018, without consultation with Weightlifting Fiji, you voluntarily withdrew yourself from competing at upcoming major international competitions, the Oceania Championships, the Junior World Championship, and the World Championship”.

Australia’s Eileen Cikamatana standing tall after receiving her gold medal at the 2022 Birmingham Commonwealth Games. Picture – Bimingham Games 2022

Social media has lit up with the controversy once again.

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A fan wrote, “That’s where the problem lies, they failed to acknowledge they were wrong in the first place, but more importantly athletes like Eileen are we call X-factors of their generation, they only come every once in a while.”

Australia’s Eileen Cikamatana in tears after receiving her gold medal at the 2022 Birmingham Commonwealth Games. Picture – Birmingham 2022 Games

Cikamatana found a new home in Australia when she was granted a distinguished talent visa by the Government of Australia and four years down the line she has not only won two gold medals but also records in her division for her adopted country.

She is now on track to fulfill her dream of getting Olympic gold in 2024.

  1. Raijieli Maka 4 months ago

    I think you guys need improvements on how wordings. Whoever wrote this article could have come with better words than “discarded”. Maybe put Fiji’s loss Australia’s gain.

  2. dillie 4 months ago

    It’s a shame that politics has killed any hopes of Fiji’s first ever gold medal in weightlifting.

  3. Ratu Jope 4 months ago

    Discarded and guess what she came out a winner.And who is a loser now ? Weightlifting Fiji!!!

  4. Jone Salele 4 months ago

    So many smart alec wanting to run that show at Fiji Weightlifting yet turned out to be losers themselves and the country as well….which got to be Australia’s gain on the other hand.

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