Direct flights ignite Pacific tourism

There are more direct flights into the Pacific and more opportunities for travel to a Pacific paradise.

From the beginning of the month New Caledonian airline Aircalin, launched a new service with two direct flights per week between Singapore and New Caledonia.

The beauty of New Caledonia. There are more direct flights into the Pacific and more opportunities for travel to a Pacific paradise. Picture: SPTO

This is a fantastic opportunity for travellers from Southeast Asia to escape the crowds and pollution in their big cities and discover a new, unique and varied destination.

President of New Caledonia Tourism Mickael Forrest said the new airline route is a win-win for both Singapore and New Caledonia.

“It opens our exceptional destination which has escaped mass tourism to Singaporeans who will be able to discover our amazing natural and cultural diversity,” he said.

“It is with great delight that Caledonians, always keen to share their paradise and authentic traditions, welcome this promising new market after a difficult two years due to the global COVID crisis.

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“New Caledonia Tourism will invest in promotion to Singaporeans over the coming months with advertising on their streets, on social networks, in the media, and will establish partnerships with local travel agencies to develop future business.”

Fiji Airways back in Vanuatu

The Vanuatu Tourism Office welcomed the return of Fiji Airways to Vanuatu, as it resumed its first international passengers’ flight between Port-Vila and Nadi two weeks ago.

There are more direct flights into the Pacific and more opportunities for travel to a Pacific paradise. Fiji Airways has been welcomed back into Vanuatu. Picture: SPTO

Fiji Airways currently offers two flights a week on Mondays and Saturdays between the two cities, with domestic connections in Fiji and other long-haul connecting flights.

“This is great news for Vanuatu as we see more and more regional airlines returning to our shores, thus allowing frequencies and capacities for our long-awaited returning international travelers to and from Vanuatu,” said Adela Issachar Aru, Chief Executive Officer of the Vanuatu Tourism Office.

“Fiji Airways offers another vital link for our long-haul markets of North America, Europe and Asia, connecting with seamless domestic flights on these two days in Vanuatu.”

More directs flight into Fiji

Fiji was one of the first Pacific nations to open its international borders for travel and naturally more direct flights are being confirmed.

Fiji Airways has begun direct flights to Vancouver from Nadi making the country accessible for the North American market.

While Nadi is the where the biggest airport in Fiji is, the airport in Nausori, called Suva on the flight paths and tickets has also started receiving direct flights.

There are direct flights to and from Christchurch in New Zealand. From Australia, Adelaide and Sydney are also directly accessible to and from Suva.


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