China accuses Australia of sabotaging PNG vaccine rollout

Chinese Vaccines donated by the Chinese Gov arriving in Port Moresby. Photo: Twitter

The Chinese embassy in Papua New Guinea has backed accusations in the Global Times – the mouthpiece of the Chinese Community party – that Australia is attempting to manipulate the Chinese-assisted rollout of vaccines in the country.

Mr Sun Jia, the spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy in PNG, said vaccines were used to prevent diseases and save lives.

“We hope that China’s normal vaccine cooperation with Pacific island countries will be free from any disturbance or sabotage, and the vaccines donated by China will benefit the PNG people as soon as possible,” Mr Sun said.

The Global Times, known for speaking with the authority of the Chinese Government, has accused Australia of planting consultants in PNG who are manipulating local epidemic prevention policies, obstructing the authorisation of Chinese vaccine for emergency use, and threatening senior officials working with the China-PNG cooperation effort towards fighting the pandemic.

The report stated that, according to sources, Australia has been found “sabotaging and disturbing Pacific Island nations’ cooperation with China on vaccines and anti-virus measures.”

“China makes vaccines a global public good and helps Pacific island countries including Papua New Guinea fight the pandemic by donating vaccines,” Mr Sun said.

“China’s vaccine donations have no geopolitical agenda, and no political strings are attached.

“The current global pandemic situation allows no optimism, and the rapid spread of the Delta variant has posted new challenges.”

He called on all nations to strengthen cooperation in the fight against the pandemic.

Attempts by the Pacific Advocate to obtain comments from the Australian High Commission in PNG have not been successful.

  1. Godfred 1 year ago

    Favourite phrase of donors: No strings attached or it’s not geopolitics. Come on we all know PNG is a strategic location for China’s growing influence in the Pacific and of course anything from them will threaten Australia who’s strongly backed by US. Maybe for once Australia should back away and let the vaccines be delivered strings attached or not.

  2. Ausa Tau 1 year ago

    Coming from China,its crystal clear,Australia is supressing PNG,bullies in the pacific,…

  3. Thomas Merire 1 year ago

    Png is leveled higher as poverty ridden nation in the Pacific, and vulnerable in the true sense, when it comes to health.

  4. Bremen Olipali 1 year ago

    Probably less than 10 % of PNG population do care about this issue…Chinese C19 vaccine vs Australian attempt to sabotage…

    Be realistic..fellas…Chinese vaccines???? I mean.. China is now dominating World market in terms of trade n commerce…our store shelves from the Supermatkets in urban centers to the rural settings ..are full of Chinese products…by the street sides n road sides…its all Chinese products…

    And most if not all these products are counterfeit n cheap in quality and poses health concerns too…

    And now we trust that a Chinese vaccine…will help with curing the virus????..Don’t be crazy…Papua new guineans…

    We are CHEAP like these cheap Chinese vaccine…

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