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Bizarre police video emerges from PNG

A bizarre video of Papua New Guinea police forcing two men to make sounds like an ambulance has hit the social media waves.

The video is posted on the Freelance Journalism – PNG News Facebook Page and according to the description the two men involved are the bus driver and an employee of the bus company who were blocking the path of an ambulance rushing to the hospital.

It is believed that police arrived on the scene and allegedly took matters into their own hands to teach the bus driver and his crew a lesson.

One police officer was using a hammer to continually hit one of the men and is seen laughing as he strikes the man.

The video has aroused debate in PNG itself as some have sided with the actions of the police officers saying that buses had made it a habit of blocking traffic and such action was enough to teach a lesson.

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Some have said this was evident of the abuse of authority that existed in the police force and called for an investigation into the matter.

When contacted the PNG Police said no complaints had been lodged by the victims in the incident and there was no investigation.

  1. Simeon Murukin 1 month ago

    That is police brutality,, the police take their own actions ,, they should set those boys for charge

  2. Christopher Usuka 1 month ago

    I was swored at by bus driver and the crew in 2020 when I heard ambulance siren behind me in a suburb in Port Moresby and pulled to the road at a bus stop to give way. I tried to explain but they were very aggressive and drove off …..I thought pulling aside saves lives when patients need quick medical specialist attention and contemplated that the driver and crew will involve in a deadly road accident and need the same assistance from St. John’s ambulance and was smiling when it turned this way with the police. It may be a police brutality but a lesson to learn.

  3. Michael Varapik 1 month ago

    The incident confirms the dark side of PNG Police. They think they are a law unto themselves and can commit any violence against citizens because they are the law. In the recently concluded national general election, it was alleged that the Police were largely responsible for the breakdown of law and order, the took bribes to turn a blind eye to election related violence. A lot of citizens have no faith in the PNG Police…period.

  4. robin 1 month ago

    I believe it is a good lesson for them, it is also a brutality.

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