Another Pacific UFO sighting

A pilot flying over the Pacific Ocean at 39,000 feet has filmed what he believes to be a strange formation of unidentified flying objects (UFOs).

The video shows three rows of moving illuminations with the light at the top of the line fading and quickly being replaced by another light.

Sceptics of the video were quick to indicate that the mysterious lights could be missile flares, but as one YouTube comment pointed out, “flares go out in seconds” and “don’t fly against the wind.”

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Advance Aviation Fiji’s Deborah Hinton, who has over 7000 hours of piloting experience, believes aviators may simply not be recognising common objects.

“Sometimes if you’re flying at night and it’s nice and clear, you can see the satellites moving,”

“I think people could confuse a satellite moving for a UFO.”

UFO sightings throughout the Pacific region are not uncommon, with multiple reports each year.

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In December 2010 the New Zealand Government released over 50 years worth of documents detailing “sightings” of UFOs by pilots, members of the public and military personnel.

Included in the documents was a famous 1978 sighting in which strange lights in the sky were filmed off the South Island town of Kaikoura.

In August this year a Reddit user was browsing through Google Earth when he stumbled upon a picture of a strangely shaped object on Starbuck Island in Kiribati.

A large sandy trail behind the object led many to believe that it had struck the island at a great speed and velocity, hinting that it could have come from outer space.

Another Pacific UFO sighting
The mysterious object on Starbuck Island went viral and caused an online sensation. Picture: News.com via @dansterdj

The photo caused such a sensation that the Kiribati government sent police officers on a mission to investigate the object, although it was found to be a piece of railway line and building from the days of mining phosphate on Starbuck Island.

It appears our fascination with UFOs will continue, as we ponder the question – are we alone?


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