The Pacific Advocate is a private Australian publishing company overseen by a management team with extensive experience working and travelling across the Pacific Islands including training and consulting to local media and communications teams. We believe in the promotion, advancement and development of Pacific journalism, and our entire team of experienced journalists are based across the Pacific Islands. We view the Pacific through local eyes and we understand local culture.

4 key principles of the Pacific Advocate

  1. We inform without fear or favour.
  2. We are always balanced and present all sides of an issue where possible and appropriate.
  3. We are an unwavering advocate for the Pacific island nations, promoting the region to the world.
  4. We promote the principles that underpin a democratic and just society – including freedom of the press; freedom of speech, belief and religion; free and fair elections; and justice and the rule of law.

We feature and prioritise stories that:

  • Affect large parts of the Pacific region.
  • Impact individual Pacific nations.
  • Inform readers of significant events, decisions and happenings from across the region.
  • Enlighten, educate and entertain the people of the region.
    Showcase people and their successes across all sectors including business, sport, politics, innovation, entertainment and any other area.
  • Reveal the challenges and struggles of Pacific people.
  • Expose issues that adversely affect Pacific nations and peoples.
  • Shine a spotlight on the Pacific region so the world is more aware of its importance.
  • Allow us to hear the views of influential people across the region.
  • Provide a voice for those who may otherwise not be heard.

We voluntarily support and adhere to the standards, principles and guidelines set by the Australian Press Council which can be found here (https://www.presscouncil.org.au/statements-of-principles/)